Language and Culture: Reflective Narratives and the Emergence of Identity

David Nunan & Julie Choi


This state-of-the-art exploration of language, culture, and identity is orchestrated through prominent scholars's and teachers narratives, each weaving together three elements: a personal account based on one or more memorable or critical incidents that occurred in the course of learning or using a second or foreign language; an interpretation of the incidents highlighting their impact in terms of culture,identity, and language; the connections between the experiences and observations of the author and existing literature on language, culture and identity.

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"This carefully crafted collection provides a snapshot of the evolution of David Nunan's theoretical and empirical contributions to the field of second language education over the last 40 years."

- Routledge on "Learner-Centered English Language Education: The Selected Works of David Nunan


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6th ELT Malta Conference

'English for 21st Century Skills' Conference Theme Plenary Presentation